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Cheap Minicabs To and From London City Airport

Cheap Minicabs/ Minicabs To and From London City Airport

Tikla Cars London City airport Transfer is a privately owned London City Airport Minicabs service. That operates along with London of Newham. London City Airport route that serves clients looking for commuting or transfer options between the residential areas within London or major airports, including Heathrow, Stansted, Southend, Luton, Gatwick international airports.

How practical can it be to enjoy a luxurious journey with a London City airport Minicab service at the lowest price? Tikla Cars are available to provide you with the most in-demand London City Airport transport service for any destination within the United Kingdom.

There is a growing interest among those who want to rent the London City Airport Minicabs service. Tikla Cars offers low cost and affordable private airport pickup and drop off, London City Airport Transfers from the major UK airports to everywhere in London. We offer specialized London City Airport Mini-Cab services at London City Airport (LCY) with affordable and attractive rates.

It's our transparent London city airport transportation service that our customers trust and also recommend to others. Through the years, we've created an exceptional London city airport transportation service for those looking for an efficient way to travel from anywhere to London City Airport or vice to the other directions.

Tikla cars offers online London City Airport Minicabs booking services. You can easily reserve a London City Airport Mini-Cab or London City Airport car before your departure by visiting our website and providing details regarding the date and timing of your arrival as well as the destination you want to go to.

4 step process of booking a minicab with Tiklacars:
  1. Enter your journey details (Time, Date, Pickup & Dropoff Location )
  2. Vehicle Selection
  3. Passenger Detail
  4. Choose the Prefered Payment Method

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Guide to London City Airport

Your Complete Guide to London City Airport (LCY)

  • Brief History and Basic Information about LCY
  • Arrivals & Departures
  • Entertainment & Facilities available at the LCY
  • Travelling with Kids
  • Parking at City Airport London
  • Transport Facilities
  • Places to visit near London City Airport
  • Restaurants to eat in London
  • Fashion Hub at London
  • Hotels near London City Airport
  • FAQ

Brief History and Basic Information about LCY

Serving as an International airport, London city airport is situated in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham. The airport was inaugurated on 26th October 1987. The airport accommodates a huge number of travellers and expansions have been done to ensure a smooth movement.

London city airport is near to central London. Being close means, it is easily accessible through tube stations, cars, taxis, buses. On the other hand, strict noise rules are imposed by aircraft aviation to avoid noise pollution thus abiding by the rules of noise pollution. With having one runaway and the absence of taxiways, the airport gets crammed and congested during peak hours. Air traffic controllers have to manage thirty-eight flights per hour without hindering the flow of the movement. London city has the busiest winters and travellers’ intake is very high. Arrangements have been made to guarantee the effectiveness of the movement. Full details can be viewed on the official website or travellers can visit the Facebook page of London City Airport. To assist international travellers, visitors have an option to select English, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish etc. for their convenience and comfort.

Passenger Volume of London City Airport

Arrivals & Departures at London City Airport

Arrival and departure: areas are equipped with lifts, staircases, and escalators. Travellers’ convenience and preference are kept in mind by providing options. Screens are displayed around the airport which provides information about flights, their arrivals, departures, or delays.

Terminals:The airport has a single terminal with two floors and eighteen gates. The ground floor contains check-in desks, facilities and a staircase leading to airport security. On the top floor, there is waiting for the area and other facilities.

Information Desk:Any help/ assistance/ information can be availed at the information desk. The officers are courteous and helpful and assist the travellers.

Check-in times:It is suggested to reach the airport well in advance to have a smooth movement and not get into the hassle of check-in, security checks etc. It is suggested to reach the airport three hours before the departure of International Flights, two hours before European Flights and nighty minutes before Domestic Flights. Check-in closes twenty minutes before the departure of flights. Travellers should be available at the boarding gate ten minutes before time.

Passport Control:After departure from the aeroplane, passengers have to pass through the passport control desks and get their passports stamped.

Baggage claim:After arrival at the airport passengers should follow the signs towards baggage claim. Electronic displays are present at the baggage conveyor displaying flight information to make it easier for the passenger to identify their flight details. Checking information on luggage or having a fancy ribbon on the bag can help the passenger to identify the baggage easily at the airport.

Clothing:Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes make the travel comfy. Wearing an extra layer can protect you from cold chills which one might get during travelling.

Packing Essentials for Air travel: The following is the list of travel essentials that will make travelling convenient:

  • Rolling suitcase
  • Toiletries
  • Medicines
  • Passport holder
  • Earbuds
  • A book
  • Power bank
  • Eatables for munching

Steps to take after entering the airport:
Departures at London City Airport
  • Moving towards check-in counters
  • Passing through the security gates
  • Waiting in Lounge
  • Moving towards the terminal and assigned gate
  • Moving towards the terminal and assigned gate Boarding the plane
Steps to take to exit the airport:
Arriving at London City Airport
  • Departing the aeroplane
  • Moving towards immigration counters
  • Baggage claim
  • A Customs staff may inspect your luggage/suitcase
  • Moving towards exit

Entertainment & Facilities available at the City Airport:

Restaurants at City Airport

The focus of the London City airport is on customer satisfaction and facilitating the tourists. Whether you want to relax before you board the plane and eat and drink, a vast number of shops, cafes and restaurants are easily accessible all through the airport. Mouthwatering, fresh, and delicious food that is convenient both on plate and pocket is available.

  • Pret
  • Caffé Nero
  • Boots

Bars at City Airport

The City Bar or the Brick Lane Brews offer thirst-quenching drinks. There is a vast selection to choose from Champaign, wines, beers etc. Choose whatever you want to drink with quality assurance in mind.

Shopping at City Airport

From high brands to low brands, at the convenience of your pocket, you can buy whatever is required. From beauty products to personal care, luggage, eatables, shops such as

  • WHSmith
  • Aella Duty-Free
  • Boots
  • The Watch Collection
and much more are there.

City Airport Beauty Lounge

Indulge yourself in relaxation. From massage to beauty treatment, pedicure, or manicure, enjoy the facilities available to the travellers. The environment and treatment are beyond the expression of words. All the rush, stress before the flight can be drained out at the beauty lounge. From time to time, different offers/discounts are provided to attract customers. Reviews can be read to have firsthand feedback.

WIFI at City Airport

Free access to Wi-Fi for the passengers is available. Wi-Fi is accessible on smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any device. Charging stations are available for easy access for travellers.

Special Assistance:

Trained professionals are hired by airport officials to provide assistance to people with needs.

The following are the facilities :
  • Check-in and screening
  • Luggage reclamation
  • Boarding and getting off the plane
  • Immigration process
  • Assistance during transits
  • General assistance

How to arrange assistance at LCY?

Travellers have to inform the tour operator/agent/airlines forty-eight hours before the flight about the type of assistance required. Further information can be checked by calling on +44 (0)20 7646 0000. Information from the information desk can be attained for further clarification/assistance.

Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids is not an easy task because children tend to get bored or cranky quite easily. At times, they do not understand the protocol a place requires, and things can get frustrating for the adults travelling with them or around them.

  • Changing stations & Toilets
  • Breast Feeding Areas
  • Bottle warming Facilities
  • Children’s Menu
  • Play areas

Changing stations & Toilets:

Nappy changing stations and toilets can be easily accessible at the airport. These facilities are available at both male and female toilets. This doesn’t make the little ones go through the tension or stress of waiting.

Breast Feeding Areas:

If you are breastfeeding your child and you require privacy, then you can use the first aid room. You can avail of this facility by requesting the customer care personal and they will assist you to the room.

Bottle warming Facilities:

Restaurants offer bottle warming facilities by providing boiling water to help the mothers. Bottle warmers are not available, but boiling water is available

Children’s Menu:

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are equipped with food items that are designed for children. This gives an option to the little ones to select items of their choice. Highchairs are also available at restaurants for children.

Play areas:

  • The play area is located between gate 5 & gate 6 of the terminal. This play area gives the children a chance to release the frustration that they might face during the wait
  • Fun pack activities are designed for city airport London. Join the dots, word puzzles, pack of cards etc. are just the correct choice to keep the young ones busy and entertained.
Helpful tips for Travelling with Kids:

The following are a few helpful tips that will help you to have a comfortable travelling time with the little ones:

  • Carrying medicines and mini first aid kit
  • Sitting close to toilets
  • Having a small backpack for the little ones gives them a sense of responsibility
  • Downloading games on iPad or mobile phone before the travel
  • Keeping the charger handy in case you need to recharge your gadget
  • Keeping a few toys/colour pencils etc. to keep them engaged.
  • “I spy “has been a hot favourite game at the airport to keep the little ones involved.

London City Airport Map

Parking at City Airport London:

The majority of the travellers reach the airport through personal transportation. The car parking area is located close to the main area, which is a few minutes away from the terminal. This provides accessibility to the traveller to comfortably park the car and move towards the terminal.

Pre-Booking Option:

In this time of uncertainty, if by any chance your flight gets cancelled, or you intend to cancel your trip due to any reasons whether it’s covid or personal, you can get your refund easily. Booking can be done ten days prior. The earlier you book; the more discount you can get.

Why choose the parking area at LCY?

There are multiple reasons why we should choose the parking:

  • Walking distance to the terminal
  • CCTV monitored car park
  • Hassle-free
  • Free Cancellation
  • Pre-booking available online
  • Number plate recognition
  • Motorbike and bicycle parking spots
It is mandatory to keep the ticket safe as it must be shown at the exit.

Advantages of Pre-Booking:
  • Peace of mind
  • Convenient
  • Easily accessible

Transport Facilities

The following is a list of transport facilities available for travellers. The travellers have a choice to choose a mode of transportation according to their convenience depending on their choice.

Car Rentals at City Airport:

Car rental is available at the London city airport. Big names such as Budget, Avis, Hertz, and much more are available. The prices are compatible.

Bus at City Airport:

  • Local buses links throughout
  • London city. A single bus ride costs one pound, fifty cents. Oyster cards, a day travel card can be used for transportation.
  • Shuttle bus service runs every thirty minutes to many areas to help the travellers.

Minicab at City Airport:

Taxis are available at the stand outside the terminal. Metered fares help to keep a track of the amount that is charged. Services can be available on pre-booking and can be done to have peace of mind.

Light Rails at City Airport:

Docklands light railways run from London city airport. The closest London Underground connection is Canning Town which is seven minutes via docklands light railway from the airport.

Black Mini-Cab at City Airport:

Black Mini-cabs are available at the terminal gate. The fare depends upon the location. It is displayed in a manner that the customer can see it. Traffic jams can increase the number of fares.

Travelling through bus and light rail is not that convenient especially if you are carrying luggage because the movement of luggage is not that easy. Having personal transportation or renting a car is an easier mode.

Covid care tips:
Covid care tips at London City Airport

Places to visit near London City Airport:

Once you leave the airport, the fun officially begins. There is so much to see and explore that time flies swiftly. Exciting places can be visited that are close or far to London City Airport depending upon your choice. The following list contains a few suggestions that the traveller can opt for:

Emirates Air Lane:

The only cable car that crosses the River Thames is something that cannot be missed. With a promise of having a mesmerizing experience that can be captured from your phones too. It is an experience worth taking.


Take a breathtaking outdoor climb over the world-renowned roof to have an enchanting experience. Customers have a choice to choose the timing of the climb. Starting from daytime, sunset to twilight climb. In addition, special offers are given for the celebration climb. If visitors want to celebrate a birthday/anniversary, a hundred ml of champagne glass is offered at the top with panoramic views to enjoy the moment. Tickets must be pre-booked to avoid congestion.

Royal Observatory:

Visit the Royal Observatory which is the home of Greenwich Mean Time. Learn about the history of Greenwich time, how the east meets the west. It opens at till 10: 00 am till 5:00 pm. The ticket is for eight pounds for adults and four pounds for children. Don’t forget to take pictures.

Tower of London:

Historical heritage site, the Tower of London has served as a fortress, prison, and palace. Crown jewels can be seen at the tower. You can meet the Yeoman Warder who will tell you the tales of history from thousand years ago. Stories of prisoners of how they were treated are also part of the package. There is no need to do a booking. Tickets can be bought at the gate.

Tower Bridge:

You can have a thrilling experience by seeing London life through the glass floor. The visit starts at North tower towards South Tower. You will see the blue line, engine room and shops. The attractive view is 42 meters above the river. The visit will take you to the cultural heritage of the Victorian Era.

St. Paul’s Cathedral:

St Paul Cathedral is the seat for the bishop of London, it serves as the mother church. The beautiful gardens serve as a cherry on the cake. Major events such as marriages, funerals of officials are held here. It is one of the most distinguishable sights of London.

Imperial War Museum:

Imperial war museum depicts the images of war through the eyes of people who lived through it. The transition from the first world war to the present day is beautifully depicted. An eye-opening insight into the past is presented. The imperial museum is the first museum in the world depicting the images of world war & holocaust galleries. People from diverse communities visit the museum, which is an eye-opener for many.

ArcelorMittal Orbit:

Found at the core of Queen Elizbeth Olympic Park, it is one of the united kingdom’s tallest sculptures and has the world longest tunnel slide. One cannot resist enjoying the spectacular views while sliding your way down 178 meters slide. Imagine having the drop and enjoying the views.

Wake up Docklands:

Action on the water is a unique way to enjoy. Wake up Docklands is a water sports centre with a variation. Coaching sessions are provided for beginners. One can try wakeboarding or fly across the river. The choice is entirely yours.

Cutty Stark:

Explore the decks of Catty stark to indulge in an adventure. Meet the characters and hear out stories about sea life. You can even get behind the wheel of a Victorian clipper or learn how to tow a ship. This real-life experience is truly wonderful and worth a visit.

Restaurants to eat in London:

Mouthwatering restaurants and quality cuisine are what London City Airport is famous for. Visitors have a variety of cuisine to select from. Starting from the ambience to the taste bud’s customer gratification is the main aim. The following is the list of some famous restaurants across London City Airport that you surely don’t want to miss:

  • The Midnight Lounge
  • The Yellow Chilli
  • Garfunkel's
  • Prezzo Italian Restaurant London Northumberland Avenue
  • Little Frankie's
  • Boyds Grill
  • Nutshell
  • Tunnel meals
  • Rosetta
  • Blue Garden Restaurant
In addition to these, London fish and chips, street restaurants, shawarmas, burgers are just a catch away if you want to have take away and don’t want to dine in

Fashion Hub at London:

From high brands to local unbranded shops, London has a huge variation of shopping areas. Discounts are offered from time to time which is an additional perk. Quality standards have to be maintained to promote customer satisfaction. Assistance is provided at the shops to help and guide the customers, if they have any difficulty with size or product selection. The following are a few examples of shopping areas that you don’t want to miss to add to your closet.

  • Covent Garden
  • Carnaby London
  • Hay's Galleria
  • MrTHC
  • St Martin's Courtyard
  • Piccadilly Arcade
  • Princes Arcade
  • Le Labo
  • Mercatino
  • One New Change

Hotels near London City Airport:

London city airport is at the heart of the capital. This prime location makes it convenient to select a place to stay in. If you are on a business or leisure, hotels are accessible easily. Basic amenities are almost the same in all hotels. wifi, led’s, beddings, hot and cold water, room service, food services, meeting areas, gyms etc. The following is the list of a few hotels:

  • Courtyard by Marriot London
  • The Sunborn London
  • Holiday Inn
  • Crowne Plaza London
  • Ibis London Docklands Canary Wharf Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf
  • Novotel London Canary Wharf Hotel
  • Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge
  • Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels
  • London City Airport Hotel

Tips for booking hotels:

Before you book a room at any hotel keeps in mind the following tips:

  • Comparing the prices of hotels using hotel comparison websites can save time.
  • Make a phone call to the hotel for details.
  • Check details about the cancellation fee. Select hotels where cancellation charges are not applied.
  • Ensure that you have checked the discounts available.
  • Connecting hotel booking to flight booking. This is more appropriate and hassles free.
  • Signing up for loyalty cards at the hotel provides free offers and upgrades for future reference.
  • Check reviews before booking a hotel.
London is one of the world's most mesmerizing and enchanting cities. With so many impressive tourist attractions and captivating things to do, it's no wonder London is one of the most visited cities worldwide, receiving over 20 million tourists each year. From history, architecture, heritage, culture, fashion, cuisine and sightseeing, there are endless possibilities to explore in London. Every day is a new beginning. Make your visit and stay worthwhile and hassle-free by availing of our Tikla Cars Mini Mini-Cab services, which is a symbol of amenity.
Wishing you the best experience!


Q # 1: Is London City Airport more expensive?
Answer:The UK was at the top of the list, by having five London airports: City, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted ranking the most expensive, as did Edinburgh as well as Manchester. London City airport charges more than any other airport around the globe, charging an exorbitant cost that is £315 per week. This is the cost of a trip.
Q # 2: What are the terminals London City airport have?
Answer:There is just one terminal in London City airport so travelling is faster than at other London airports.
Q # 3: Is London City Airport the same as Heathrow?
Answer:Its distance from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and London City Airport (LCY) is 22 miles. The distance by road of 26 miles. ... London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to London City Airport (LCY) Minicab Service, run through roads.
Q # 4: How long will it take to travel to London City to the airport?
Answer: The distance between Heathrow Airport and London's city centre London is around 24 kilometres. The trip will take about 30 minutes via Minicabs or train and 45 minutes on the London underground, and 50 minutes on the bus.

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