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High Wycombe Taxis

High Wycombe Taxis from Tiklacars is famous for giving the fastest, safest, budget-friendly, and most comfortable taxi service throughout the area of High Wycombe and the nearby regions like Hemel and St.Albans . With our latest taxis, we are always available for within-town and long-distance travel. We have got an extensive fleet, which includes every type of car to fulfill your all requirements. All of our drivers and technical staff are highly experienced and work diligently to provide you the best travel experience. With the help of modern technology, all of our rides are fully monitored. In short, you can travel safely anywhere, anytime with our quick cab service.

Airport Transfers

In addition to within-town service, we also offer you airport transfers. The airports to whom we offer our services are; Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport and all the other London City airports. With our pre-booking service, we tend to save both your money and time. Where other cabs take at least 15 minutes to reach, our drivers show up within 7 minutes from the moment of your request. To acquire our pre-booking service, all you have to do is enter the exact time of the landing of your flight, and our driver will be there on time so that you can start your pleasant journey right away.

Our service

From our technical crew to our chauffeurs, all are highly experienced and efficient. Our teams work hard, day and night, to offer you the best travel experience. Our service remains active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. So wherever you want to go, we are always at your disposal. Our chauffeurs are well-experienced and know all the main routes and shortcuts of London. In short, to take you to your desired destination, on time, is their chief responsibility, and as they know all the ways, it is not possible to get late with our service.

Cheap and Reliable

Our cabs are far cheaper than the rest of the other cab services. We never charge you with any extra and hidden money, nor do we increase our fare rates during the holiday season and certain celebratory occasions, i.e., Christmas and New Year. But our low rates have never affected the quality of our service because our belief is to provide our best services at the lowest possible rates. Talking in terms of reliability, our chauffeurs are highly reliable. From the moment you step into their car, they take your full responsibility and take you to your destination quickly and safely.

How to Book a Taxi

You can book a cab either using our official website or downloading our app, which is available on both IOS and Android app stores. In addition to this, you can also call us on the number given below. To hire a taxi, all you have to do is input your pick-up and drop-off location, set the time slot to check the estimated fare rate, hit the confirm button, and your reserved driver will show up in no time.
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Extensive Fleet
We provide access to a large fleet of vehicle sizes and types. Regardless of your party size, luggage or special requirements, we can usually provide the perfect vehicle.
Saloon Cars
Saloon Cars
Saloon or hatchback vehicle suitable for up to 3 passengers, 2 suitcases (20kg max), 2 hand luggage or 4 passengers with hand luggage only. VW Passat, Toyota Prius or similar
Estate Cars
Estate Cars
Vehicle type can accommodate up to 3 passengers, 2 suitcases (20kg max), 2 hand luggage or 4 passengers with hand luggage only. E class Mercedes or similar vehicle.
Executive Cars
Executive Cars
Vehicle type can accommodate up to 4 passengers with 4 suitcases (20kg max), Toyota Prius, Plus, Toyota Auris, or other type estate cars.
People Carrier
People Carrier
Vehicle type can accommodate up to 6 passengers with hand luggage only or 5 passengers with 5 suitcases (20kg max). Ford Galaxy or Sharon VW or similar.
Executive People Carrier
Executive People Carrier
Vehicle type can accommodate 5 passengers with 5 suitcases or 6 passengers with hand luggage. Fleet included Mercedes Viano or similar.
8 Seater Minibus
8 Seater Minibus
Vehicle type can accommodate up to 8 passengers with 8 suite cases (20kd max). Fleet included VW transporter or similar vehicle.
We Offers
Airport Transfer

You can book your ride from airports to your destination.

Seaport Transfer

We Offer pick n drop services from seaports to your destination.

Intercity Transfer

For long route or travelling from one city to other city.

Fast and Safe

For journeys,We offer for public transport can be the fastest and safe means of travel.

Experienced Drivers

We have a Experienced and well trained staff for yours services.

Online Booking

For Journeys,You can booking online without any effort and quickly.

Safe Journey

We complete effort to safe journey for you and your family.

24/7 Cab Service

We offer you 24 hours .You can help us anytime, anywhere.


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