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Fast and reliable minicabs Erith is a great place to find a taxi. With our extensive fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers, we are able to provide a high-quality service that is sure to impress. The benefit of using a local company is you can rely on our drivers to know the roads inside and out, meaning that your journey will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. So, whether you need a taxi for a night out in the town, or to get to the airport on time, we can help.

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If you're looking to book a taxi in Erith, then you should consider using Tiklcars. Not only are they reliable and affordable, but they're also one of the only taxi firms that allow you to book your journey online. This makes it easy for you to organise your travel and means that you can always be sure of a taxi when you need it.
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Tiklacars offer a professional airport taxi service to and from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southend, London City and Luton airports. We specialise in airport transfers and provide a meet and greet service for all our customers. Our drivers are professional and courteous and will ensure that your journey is comfortable and stress-free. We offer a fixed price service so there are no hidden costs and our vehicles are licensed and insured. We also provide a taxi service to local businesses and residents in the Erith area.

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Basic Information of Erith

Erith is located in the southeast of England, near Dartford and Thamesmead. This place's population is way under 50,000 people and is part of the Borough of Bexley. The community was founded by a man called Erith, which is where this town's name came from.
The area is mostly rural, with a little bit of industry spread around. Transport-wise, it has great access to the motorway and there are two major train stations in the town. There are plenty of parks, open spaces, and a nature reserve.
The town is very close to London, but it's not that well-connected by public transportation. It has a lot of industrial areas and not much in the way of shopping or cultural attractions. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and it's a great place to raise a family.

Notable people in Erith

The area has a long history and has many notable people who have lived or worked there.

Douglas McWhirter, the co-founder of Guinness World Records, was born in Erith and attended Slade School of Fine Art.
Philip Absolon, an artist known for his abstract paintings, was born in Erith and attended the Royal College of Art.
Tony Brise, a racing driver who competed in Formula One, was born in Erith.
Wendy Cope, a poet, was born in Erith.
Ronnie Aldrich, an English pianist and composer, died in Erith.
Patrick Young Alexander, a poet, was born in Erith.
Kevin Horlock, a footballer, was born in Erith.
Bill Jaques, an English cricketer, was born in Erith.
James Leasor, an author, was born in Erith.
Sir William Anderson, an electrical engineer, died in Erith.
John Downton, a sculptor, was born in Erith.
Dave Martin, a musician, was born in Erith.

Places of worship in Erith

Places of worship in Erith include a range of religious buildings and structures, such as churches, chapels and other places of worship. These places have been used by a variety of faiths over the centuries.

Barnehurst Methodist Church

Barnehurst Methodist Church is a place of worship in Erith that has been serving the community since the late 1800s. The church is located on Bexley Road and holds regular Sunday services, including a Bible service for children.

Christ Church

Christ Church, Victoria Road, is an Anglican church that has been serving the people of Erith since 1896. The church is located close to the town centre and offers a number of services throughout the week.

Christadelphian Hall

Christadelphian Hall, Lesney Park Road, Erith, is a place of worship that was established for the use of the Christadelphians in the mid-1900s. The building is used regularly for worship and other activities, including meetings.

Northend Baptist Church

Northend Baptist Church, Larner Road North, is a place of worship that has been serving the community since the 1950s.

Northumberland Road Baptist Church

Northumberland Road Baptist Church, Belmont Road, Erith, is a Christian church that holds Bible study groups for different age groups. The building has been in use since the late 1800s and offers a range of other activities.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church, Carlton Road, Erith, is a place of worship for Roman Catholics. It has an active congregation and holds regular services on Sundays.

Queen Street Baptist Church

Queen Street Baptist Church, Queen Street, Erith, is a Baptist church that has been in use since the late 1800s. The building is located close to the town centre and offers a range of different activities, such as coffee mornings.

Erith Transport Guide

If you're looking for information on public transport in Erith, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with guidance for using buses, trains and the London Underground in the Erith area.

Erith Transport Guide

By Bus:

Buses in Erith are run by Transport for London (TfL), and there are a number of different routes that serve the town. You can find a full list of Erith's bus routes on TfL's website.
If you're travelling to Central London, the best bus route to take is the C2. This service operates between Erith and Trafalgar Square, and it takes around an hour to complete the journey.
For those travelling to Central, East or South London, try using Erith's C8 service. This bus runs every 15 minutes, and it'll take you to New Cross Gate.

By Train:

Trains in Erith leave from Northumberland Heath and Abbey Wood stations. For those who want to travel to central London, you can take a fast train from Northumberland Heath. These trains run every 15 minutes, and they'll take you to London Charing Cross in around 20 minutes.
If you're travelling to Greenwich, Woolwich or other destinations in South-East London, you'll need to take a train from Abbey Wood station. These trains run every few minutes, and they'll take you to your destination in around 10 minutes.

By Underground:

The London Underground is London's rapid transit system, and it has around 250 stations. Erith station is located on the Docklands Light Railway, which runs from Stratford to Lewisham. The journey from Erith to Central London takes around 25 minutes.
For those travelling to Greenwich, the nearest Underground station is North Greenwich. This station is located on the Jubilee line, and it'll take you to Greenwich in around 5 minutes.

By Taxi:

If you don't feel like using public transport, you can always get a taxi. Erith has a number of taxi firms. Tiklacars is one of the taxi firms in the area.

Things to Do in Erith

If you're taking a trip to Erith, make sure to visit some of the best attractions in town. From historic buildings and museums to great restaurants and beautiful parks, there's a world of things to do in Erith.
Check out our guide to the best sights and attractions that Erith has to offer so you won't miss out on anything the town has to offer.

  • London loop
  • RSPB Rainham Marshes
  • Lesnes Abbey Woods
  • Crossness Nature Reserve
  • Woolwich Foot Tunnel
  • Martens Grove Park
  • Beacon Wood Country Park
  • National Trust - St John's Jerusalem
  • Swanscombe Heritage Park

Restaurants in Erith

Restaurants in Erith can be found all over the town centre. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or something more substantial,
there is sure to be a restaurant to suit your tastes.

  • The Whitehart Restaurant
  • Riverside Fish & Steak House
  • K's Spice African Restaurant
  • Spice Brasserie
  • Tasty African Food
  • Korede's Africoal (Suya Spot)
  • Starburger
  • Indian Experience
  • Pizza 2 Night Erith
  • Jade Garden

Shopping in Erith

Erith has several shopping areas including Crayford Road, Erith High Street and Market Place. There is a range of shops to suit all tastes and budgets, including high street favourites like Boots, WHSmith and Primark. There is a Tesco Extra, a large Tesco supermarket in Erith, located at the junction of Crayford Road and Market Place.

  • Erith Riverside Shopping Centre
  • Select Fashion
  • Matalan
  • Dresskode
  • luevelvety
  • Lajokes Fashion
  • Bybostore
  • Estees Beauty Shop
  • Sense

Hotels in Erith

There are a few hotels in Erith for visitors to stay in. The Premier Inn Erith is a popular choice, as is the Holiday Inn Express. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, the Holiday Inn is the best.

  • Best Inn Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express London
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dartford Bridge
  • Travelodge London Belvedere
  • Premier Inn London Bexleyheath Hotel
  • Holiday Inn London - Bexley
  • The Thurrock Hotel
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Premier Inn Dartford hotel
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London ExCeL

Frequently Asked Question

Q # 1: Need an airport taxi Erith?
Answer:You’ve come to the right place. Tiklacars offer a great selection of airport taxi services to Erith and the surrounding area. that's easy to get in the town.
Q # 2: You may need an Erith taxi to the airport?
Answer:If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to get to the airport, consider using a taxi. Tiklacars can take you to any airport or train station in the country, and it may save you time. transfers to and from all of the major airports in Golders Green, London.
Q # 3: How much does an Erith taxi cost?
Answer:The cost of an Erith taxi to the airport varies depending on the distance travelled. You can expect to pay a little more than the standard.
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